Use soft water from Equo-Soft-Maxi for a healthy skin and hair



EQUO SOFT are water softeners which use a computerized control unit to provide the user with all the information on programming. They are equipped with automatic regeneration resins system, TIME/VOLUME Mode. BY PASS included as standard.

Key Features

  • It is Injection moulded and is 100% non-toxic, recyclable and made with food grade material (PP), in conformity with Italian Ministerial Decree 174/04.
  • Is has a unique brine/pressure vessel separation chamber and pressure vessel with single mirror welding and inlet size of 2” 1/2.
  • Offers easy clearing and maintenance without disassembling the system.
  • It has an easily detachable salt lid for easy accessibility to brine compartment without removal of valve.


  • Cation exchange resin included. Par value 5500/150
  • Brine capacity: 78 Lt (150 Lt for 13″ vessel)
  • Electronic valve 1” with BY PASS included
  • Upflow regeneration
  • Power supply: 230 VAC 50 Hz
  • Working pressure: 2 – 8 BAR (29 – 116 PSI)
  • Working temperature: 5° – 42°C (41F°–107F°)
  • Cycle test: 250.000 cycles – 0-12 BAR
  • Standard color: white/grey cabinet, black tank
  • Valve menù in italian and other 9 languages


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