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Certified shower filters to remove from bath water

Our certified, high-quality shower filters come with a multi-stage water filtration system that is guaranteed to purify shower water at any temperature. Not only does it remove chlorine, it also eliminates metals like lead, nickel, mercury and aluminium. What’s more, our shower filters also inhibit the growth of organic contaminants like bacteria and fungi which grow on wet surfaces.

  • Highly effective at removing chemicals, metals and contaminants from bath water. Prevents corrosion and scale...

Multi-stage filtration for 99% pure water

Our proprietary shower filter formula comes with a pre-built multi-stage filtration system that requires absolutely no maintenance from your end! The system has been designed with multiple highly effective components that each remove a particular kind of impurity. 

The system includes a layer of a patented filter material called KDF-55 which was designed expressly to remove chlorine and heavy metals from water. The activated alumina component, on the other hand, is specifically created to remove harmful contaminants like arsenic (which is poisonous), flourides and selenium (both cause a lot of hairfall). 


Easy to install, easy to recharge

Our shower filters are extremely easy to install and last an average of 6 to 8 months. That’s nearly 3 times as long as other shower filters on the market! They are also easy to recharge – you simply buy a recharge cartridge from The Cool Filter and just screw it onto the shower filter!

Once installed, our shower filters guarantee 99% pure water that is free from all kinds of chemicals and contaminants. Further, the filtration system ensures that the water flowing through your shower pipes will not form white deposits, scale or rust on the inside, offering you even more protection.