About us

The Cool Filter LLC is a UAE based water purifier brand dedicated to encompassing state of the art water processing technology to serve the wide range of applications for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Water purification.
We are an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. The Cool Filter LLC never compromises on services provided to the customers. We believe in keeping the customer happy and providing them with the best products at a very competent price.

Our broad product range includes:

Point-Of-Entry Water Filters Swimming Pool Filtration Systems
Point-Of-Use Water Filters Shower Filters
Reverse Osmosis Systems Washing Machine Filters
UV Water Filtration Systems Bottle Filters
UF Water Filtration Systems Water Softeners
Alkaline Water Filtration Systems Water coolers
Ionized Water Filtration Systems Fine Sediment Removal
Numerous Water Filter Systems Wastewater Treatment

For us, bringing healthcare products to you is more than just a business, it is a passion. In fact, it is the most prominent purpose of our existence. As such, we take pride in being a pioneer in bringing revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to the UAE.

Our RO System transform murky water into clean, safe & healthy water. We care for our customers and want them to LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE and therefore we do not compromise on our quality.


The Cool Filter is dedicated to the quality products in the world of Water Purification. We at Cool Filter are committed to delivering the best possible solution for our customers to be satisfied with our products range and ensure that they are dealing with the right product as per their needs. The Cool Filter has a large number of products to match the customer expectations. Our after-sales support team is very active and committed to offering the genuine service to avoid the hassles and makes life easier of our customers. We have the large portfolio of satisfied clients and we always consider that the Quality and Service is the only key that can unlock the doors to success.