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The Cool Filter- UF Water Filter Systems provide the drinking water with full bacterial safety! Our easy-to-install, robust UF water sterilizers are designed with you in mind. Our water filter systems have supplied clean, healthy drinking water for years in several different applications. In addition to removing sediment, cysts and chlorine from water, our UF purification systems that are fit for any type of water purify and sterilize microbes, viruses, protozoa, algae, molds and other micro-organisms out.

No Added Hard Additives to Water. The Cool Filter provides UltrafilterĀ  Systems with High Strength that purifies and sterilize water without the addition of chemicals. The Water Safe Pro Solutions uses a 3 stage purification/filtration system, providing systems with 3 GPM and 4 GPM flow speeds. The water filter of the 1st stage eliminates sediment to give you pure water, then the clear water goes through the carbon block filter of the 2nd stage to eradicate taste and odour problems that could be present in the water while eliminating the larger microorganisms that cause diseases, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.

Carbon Filter

  • The amounts of certain common toxins, such as lead and disinfection byproducts, can be decreased by a carbon filter. From countertop pitcher filters to faucet-mounted filters, undersink filters and entire-house filters, there are several choices for carbon filters.

RO Systems

  • To extract water pollutants, a reverse osmosis device combined with a carbon filter is most effective.

Soften Hard Water

  • Combined with an ion exchange filter, a whole-house water softener softens the water and decreases the levels of certain toxins.

Find that fits

  • For your water and budget, find the correct filter.


EVERPUREĀ® ROMII R.O Water Purification System

Water Treatment R.O Water Purification Direct Flow System

EVERPUREĀ®ROM IV R.O Drinking Water Purification System

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