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Why you should filter your water?

Water is fluid that sustains life, but if you drink the fluid straight from the bottle it can contain more than just H2O.
Why isn’t the drinking water as clean as you thought it is?
What most of us can think of as clean is not yet “clean” drinking water that runs from the well. It passed through miles of pipeline along the way, gathering pollutants and runoff. It is also likely to have been disinfected with substances that can leave behind carcinogenic by-products. (One important point to note: disinfection is a necessary evil, and a persistent concern will be waterborne infections without it.)

Only because your tap might have trouble does not mean that you could instead stick to buying bottled water. The demand for bottled water is virtually unregulated, and even the EPA states that it is not inherently cleaner than tap water. Plus, bottled water is bad for the environment: according to The Pacific Institute, about 17 million gallons of oil go into a year’s worth of plastic bottles. What’s more, nearly two-thirds of those bottles would end up in landfills or ultimately find their way to the ocean, polluting rivers and damaging wildlife.

How Water Filters Can Solve Your Drinking Water Problems?

By eliminating chlorine and bacterial toxins, water filters have improved flavor and smell-free drinking water. Immediately prior to use, point-of-use water filters eliminate lead from drinking water, thereby eliminating this toxic material from entering the bloodstream.

The installation of a filter for the countertop results in a supply of clean, safe water that costs considerably less than bottled water. By extracting chlorine and chlorine byproducts from drinking water, water filters dramatically decrease the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer.

While maintaining stable mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water, a strong block carbon water filter can selectively extract harmful toxins from drinking water. Drinking clean, purified water prevents the body from infection and contributes to better health overall.

For the comfort of tap water, a water filter offers clear, safe water for cooking, as well as drinking. By eliminating cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water, water filters minimize the chance of gastrointestinal illness by more than 33 percent. For kids, drinking pure water is highly important. Water filters have the healthiest water for the emerging immune systems of children. The last line of protection between the body and the over 2100 identified contaminants that could be found in drinking water is provided by water filters.

The cool filter

Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter

Anti-hair loss / anti-dandruff shower filters of the highest standard. 
The anti-hair loss shower filter decreases hair loss and makes the hair smoother, shinier and silkier. Anti-hair loss / anti-dandruff shower filters of the highest standard.
The anti-hair loss shower filter decreases hair loss and makes the hair smoother, shinier and silkier.
To control hair loss, and protect your skin, use the Anti-hair fall Shower filter. The shower filter filters the water from chlorine and other contaminants, ensures clean water any time you take a bath, no more hair damage. It is good for hair treatment and it’s anti-hair fall, and dandruff mitigation offers a comprehensive solution to almost 90% of your hair problems.  It protects your skin as well, meaning you won’t have dry skin and itchy skin.

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