Triple Jumbo Water Filtration System

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Triple Jumbo Water Filtration System 

Best-in-class 3-stage filtration technology which provides healthy drinking water

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    Provides pure water though 3-stage water filtration using the three in-built filters – sediment filter, carbon Filter and yarn Filter. This ensures all the unwanted impurities and bad odor is removed from the water making it deem fit for consumption.

    Key Features

    • Cleans up sedimentation and any dirt layer from your water tanks and pipes.
    • Provides pure and clean water for drinking and cooking purpose at your house.
    • Removes any dirt and other unwanted particles from the water.


    • Filtration Stages : 3 (Three)
    • Stage 1 : 20” Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter (PP)
    • Stage 2 : 20” Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC)
    • Stage 3 : 20” Chlorine, Taste, And Odor Filter (CTO)
      Origin : Vietnam


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