Triple Filter Water Filtration System

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Triple Filter Water Filtration System

Advanced water filtration technology which provides safe and clean drinking water by removing all the harmful chemicals and other impure contaminants from your water.


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    Triple Filter Water Filtration system is ideal for whole house filtration system as a point-of-entry filtration for taking care of your entire water needs at home. This system filters your water from the source and results in output that will have passed through the three filtration stages. This filtering system removes dirt and other various larger sized particles from the water that can block certain filters. The second and third stages of filtering eliminates bad tastes and odors, combine to remove over 90% of chlorine from the water, and are highly effective on organic chemicals (VOCs) like pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. It is also worth considering Triple filter for your well, for it easily removes the common contaminants found in the wells.

    Key Features

    • Treats all your house requirement of water be it washing, cooking, drinking and even bathing once you install this at the main water supply of your house.
    • Provides safe and healthy water without any harmful contaminants.
    • Protects your household appliances from scaling/sediments and harmful chemicals especially chlorine.


    • Filtration Stage: 3 (Three)
    • Stage 1 : Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter (PP)
    • Stage 2 : Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC)
    • Stage 3 : Chlorine, Taste, And Odor Filter (CTO)
    • Origin : Vietnam


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