EV4339-11 Claris Medium Filter Cartridge

EV4339-11 Claris Medium Filter Cartridge

Takes care of your water filtration and water softening requirements


The Claris water filter cartridge is designed to cater to the hot beverage market using the latest technology. It takes care of all of your filtration and softening needs.

Key Features

  • Removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant odors and tastes from the water
  • Removes particles down to five (5) micron for highest equipment protection and it can operate in vertical or horizontal position
  • Five-stage filtration process:
  • Prefiltration
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment
  • Fine filtration
  • Highly efficient carbon block
  • Solid membrane filter NSF® Certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 42


  • Overall Dimensions : 16.78″ L x 3.74″ dia. (42.6 cm x 9.4 cm)
  • Service Flow Rate : Maximum 0.5 gpm (2 Lpm)
  • Pressure Requirements : 29 – 116 psi (2 – 8 bar), non-shock
  • Temperature : 39 – 86°F (4 – 30°C)
  • Electrical Connection : None required
  • Treatment Capacity : Rated for 660 gallons (2,498 L) for Espresso applications and 790 gallons (2,990 L) of OCS/Coffee applications

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