EV4262-52 S-100 Drinking Water System

EV4262-52 S-100 Drinking Water System

Stae-of-the-art water filtration technology to provide the best drinking water



EV4262-52 S-100 is a high-technology water filtration system for your kitchen. This Everpure undersink drinking water system gives a great tasting water and for cost that’s far less than a bottled water, making it ideal for drinking and cooking purposes at home. It also protects the filter system from splitting or bursting. It is very convenient to install and comes with a faucet. Thanks to the premium quality water it provides, everything made with this water will taste better: coffee, tea, flavored water mix, juices, soups and even the ice cubes.

Key Features 

This filtration system comes with the exclusive precoat technology which combines Micro-Pure filtration media and a unique pleated filter membrane to reduce unwanted particles as small as ½ micron. This design offers the largest filtering surface area, a longer filter life and consistent performance. Everpure systems reduce contaminants, yet retain vital minerals found naturally in water. So the water tastes crisp, clean and refreshing. It also adsorbs common earthy, moldy, fishy tastes, and odors. Everpure’s signature metal canister, lined with a food-grade polymer, delivers commercial grade durability and quality.


  • Flow rate: 1.9 Lpm
  • Temperature: 2-38°C – cold water use only
  • Pressure: 0.7-8.6 bar
  • Capacity: 5.670 L ( Approximately 1 year of water supply, depending on family size and the amount of water you drink)

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