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Uses advanced technology and reverse osmosis process to produce pure and clear water for large scale industrial usage

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    ARO-1000G-2 is a sophisticated water treatment system which ideal for treating hard water and producing pure and good quality water through reverse osmosis process which serves large scale industrial requirement. It can produce upto 1000 gallons of water per day that is free of dissolved contaminants and harmful toxins. It can be used to treat public water supply system and even lakes.

    Key Features

    • Efficient water treatment sytem for hard water on a large scale
    • Produces pure water that is reusable making it every nature-friendly and energy conserving system
    • Easy maintenance and highly durable


    • 1000GPD RO Unit
    • SS304 Frame
    • 4021 Membrane Vessel x 1
    • W/4021 RO Membrane Procon 1533
    • 1/2HP GE Motor
    • Origin: Taiwan


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