100GPD - 6 Stages R.O Water Purification System

100GPD – 6 Stages R.O Water Purification System

Efficiently eliminates contminants and impurities present in water through reverse osmosis in six stages of filtration



100GPD – 6 Stages R.O Water Purification System provides clean and safe drinking water by eliminating impurities, bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, cadmium, giardia, viruses, cyanide, among others.

Key Features

  • Produces upto 100 gallons of water per day
  • Very durable and quality filtration system
  • Environment-friendly and economical


  • Filtration Stage: 6 (Six)
  • Stage 1 : Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter (PP) (5Micron)
  • Stage 2 : Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC)
  • Stage 3 : Chlorine, Taste, And Odor Filter (CTO)
  • Stage 4 : Reverse Osmosis (R.O)
  • Stage 5 : Post Activated Carbon Filter (Mineral Filter)
  • Stage 6 : T33 Taste and Odor Filter
  • Capacity : 100GPD (378L/D)
  • Storage : 4GL (15Ltrs)
  • Booster Pump : 110/220V, 50/60Hz x 2
  • Origin : Vietnam


Service & Maintenance Includes the following:

PP/CTO/GAC replacement every 3 months.
R.O Membrane replacement after 6 months.
Post Carbon replacement after 6 months.
Taste & Odor replacement after 6months.
Unlimited break down service.
Free repair/replacement of all electrical parts.


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