How to stop Hair fall by Changing Your Shower Filter

Tired of Hair Fall? Try Changing Your shower filter

The water used during showering can just be the reason why you experience thinning hair and breakage loss. Soft, safe hair depends just as much on water quality as it depends on the shampoo, oils, and masks you use. Shower water consists of chemicals, including calcium, arsenic, magnesium, and nickel, including chloride, minerals, as well as sand, and other impurities that are harsh and can irritate the skin and scalp. The numerous minerals found on the scalp are probably the biggest culprits when it comes to hair loss. These minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium nickel, and silica, causing drying, itching, and sometimes breakage-related hair loss. In addition, the mineral deposition stops the requisite oil and moisture from reaching the scalp and, in turn, leads to dull, dry strands that feel continually dirty regardless of how many times you rinse them. A hot shower often widens the pores, increasing the absorption into the dermis and scalp of chlorine and other toxins, resulting in a harsh and drying effect on hair and skin. Since moving to a nation that uses hard, unfiltered water, it is normal for women to experience hair falling, which not only exacerbates existing hair and skin problems, yet often creates fresh issues. Opt for a shower filter to repair a dry, weakened mane; it acts to remove a significant percentage of the chlorine, minerals, and other debris present in the shower water. One more bonus? Without needing to pay more on assorted items, it gives you healthier hair.

How does it help in reducing hair fall?

It opens up the pores in the scalp as one takes a hot shower, which results in increased chlorine absorption. Because of this, the level of hair loss and dryness in the scalp increases. This affects the hair for a long time and lets it grow thinner and inevitably break down and fall. Therefore, opting out of regular showers and using a water filter to remove a significant percentage of chemicals such as chlorine, minerals and the bacteria present in them is the cure for a dry scalp and ruined hair.The great thing about these filters of water is that they really don’t cost a lot. Therefore, not only can shower filters perform better than any other solution to remove all causes contributing to unnecessary hair drop, but it is also a very inexpensive solution that can be used without burning a hole in your pocket.

How do shower filters work?

The main technique used in shower filters is filtration. In shower filters, there are 4 techniques that are commonly used. In filters, KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is the most powerful and widely used process. It is used in nearly all household-installed shower filters and has the largest copper-zinc alloy count. When the water is in liquid motion, this serves to generate an electrical charge. The electrical charges produced then end up flowing through the water, helping to eliminate the impurities and thereby make it free of chlorine. KDF also eliminates other harmful impurities in the running water, such as iron, lead, and other chemicals, which are found in minute quantities. This also stops algae and fungi from developing, which can otherwise start growing in the shower nozzle pipe.

Therefore, when using shower filters, even though they are in minute amounts and the water is kept free of chlorine, the most harmful metals in the water are eliminated, guaranteeing that even though the pores of the scalp are opened up,There is no concern, and because of the shower, it means that there is no extra hair loss and dryness.

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